Proximo Technology Ltd (PT) is a company with more than 30 years experience in reciprocating machinery product development. Proximo Tec is focused in the continued improvement of industrial reciprocating compressor performance through innovative product development.

PT provides products to companies wishing to optimize their operations and increase profitability, PT provides our clients with innovative components & performance analysis technology. We also supply sealing components using the highest quality materials. We have direct supply of materials and specialist knowledge in this area of the market at competitive prices. PT provides advice and support on specialized materials for such parts.


  • PT’s engineers & founders have worked for more than 30yrs as specialized maintenance engineers within the industrial sector in Europe, Asia the Middle East & North and South America.
  • Years of experience in reciprocating machinery has allowed us to pioneer the development of new Acoustic Emission (AE) technological standards in predictive monitoring sector. A very successful technology that has been widely used in the industrial world.
  • Our inventions have laid the foundation in the technological evolution for predictive monitoring, which allows companies today to optimize their performance and reduce operating losses.

Selection of background History:

  • 1985: Worked in the market development with one of the world's first PC based portable reciprocating analyzers.
  • 1990: Set-up in the United Kingdom the first European condition monitoring services company for reciprocating engines & compressors.
  • 2000: Founded the first online energy auction in Europe.
  • 2004: Developed and patented the 1st ATEX Acoustic Emission (AE) portable compressor valve analyzer in the world.
  • 2006: Co-founded a smart technology for research and experimental development on biotechnology.
  • 2014: Developed the first online “cloud based” analyzer for reciprocating compressors.
  • 2015: Ongoing R&D for improved compressor components.


We pride ourselves at being at the cutting edge of product development and change to help you achieve increased benefits for your reciprocating assets. Please contact us for any specific R&D projects that you may wish our assistance.