Services & Training

In today's industries, cost reduction and profitability are paramount. Proximo Tec can provide you with the latest in sophisticated and efficient condition monitoring service. Our team of professional engineers work in partnership with your maintenance department.

Research has shown that more than 38% of recalculated compressors suffer from valve problems largely due to insufficient plate lift and spring forces. Compressors can operate for many years where the performance issues due to badly designed valves will remain unnoticed.

Many compressor problems are only ever discovered when the compressor may have insufficient delivery rates or process-related issues.

In many cases the principle “never touch a running system” applies in many companies.

The benefits of a performance analysis study or condition monitoring of reciprocating equipment:

  • Increased availability of equipment
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Avoidance of catastrophic failures
  • Reliable long term planning
  • Increase of company profits
  • Improved maintenance and labour scheduling.

Services available:

  • Online & Portable Reciprocating Engine & Compressor Performance Analysis & Condition Monitoring Services.
  • Compressor/Engine Optimization
  • Compressor Valve Optimization
  • Engine Balancing Services
  • Compressor Performance Optimization

Cloud based diagnostic services 24/7 from anywhere in the world!  


Compressor & Engine Analysis Training

We have a number of training packages available, please contact us to discuss further.