Moving from an ART to a SCIENCE!

Software Holiztech

Holiztech online monitoring of reciprocating machines and vibration analysis

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  • HolizTech helps determine condition BEFORE it impacts performance. So why wait until the failure is well under way? By the time other systems detect a change in performance, it's already too late. 75% of maintenance on reciprocating machinery is valve related! .

  • Traditional Performance data plots are good for performance, but are very dependent on many factors, including the ANALYST's EXPERIENCE. HolizTech is moving the industry from an ART to a SCIENCE. Our valve specific monitoring approach provides detailed information about each valve and its dynamic operating condition.

  • We apply robust algorithms to accurately pinpoint problems early. Earlier detection and lower cost than other online reciprocating monitoring systems. With our AI Cloud-Based technology, HolizTech provides D-ARM (Digital-Acoustic Remote Monitoring), monitoring engines and compressors from anywhere in the world. By adding UHFT (Ultra-High Frequency Technology), the Holiztech system can detect leaks and "blow-by" much sooner than traditional methods.

  • Early detection of leaking valves with pinpoint accuracy
  • Incorrect spring tension
  • Crosshead and head-end vibration (traditional)
  • Broken Springs
  • Leaking rings... AND MORE
  • Valve train (cam, guides, lifters, linkage...)
  • Worn, scored liner and piston
  • Port/bridge wear
  • Carbon in ports
  • Wrist pin



  • Mobile application for device setup Hardware
  • Hardware

  • Measure acoustic emissions and temperature in a single probe.
  • Connect up to 40 probes to measure your reciprocating machinery.
  • Pressure probe available if required.
  • Costs and times

  • Save time and money during installation of cabinets.
  • Install easy, dismount whenever you want.

  • Click to download case study


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